GLINT Newsletter

In January 2016, the GlucoCEST Imaging in Neoplastic Tumours (GLINT) project set out to develop an innovative medical imaging tool and a set of technologies for cancer detection which will allow for earlier, more accurate and more reliable cancer diagnosis.

Four years later, the partners are happy to provide an update on the project results and share the achievements made within this interdiscipliary consortium from all over Europe and beyond. Significant advances were made in:

  • Technology for CEST imaging
  • Image processing tools
  • GlucoCEST signal origin
  • Availability of alternate glucose analogues
  • Low-enough toxic effects of 3-OMG to potentially allow clinical translation

The GLINT project has significantly contributed to the development of novel CEST-based procedures for cancer imaging. As a consortium, the GLINT partners intend to continue their research beyond the end of the GLINT project in December 2019 and will exploit their results to bring the use of either native glucose or glucose analogues to the clinics in the future.

To find out more about the results GLINT has achieved, read the project newsletter and browse through the scientific publications.

Posted on Thursday 19 December 2019