Results: Image processing tool

Within the GLINT project, a complete post-processing software suite for analysis of general CEST experiments was developed by industry partner Olea Medical based on the Olea Sphere® Software Development Kit (SDK).

While the core task was to develop a set of algorithms capable to interpret and process glucoCEST data, the final tool also allows the analysis of APT-CEST and Iopamidol-CEST data to allow the partners to compare results and clearly the improvement that Gluco-CEST imaging could bring.

The CEST application is composed of four plugins: one for interpreting APT-CEST data, one for Gluco-CEST data, one for Iopamidol-CEST data and one for displaying for each voxel the Z-Spectrum and MTRAsym profiles.

The performance and the computational time of the CEST data processing tool was tested on clinical and preclinical data and has shown promising results.

Listen to S. Casagranda from Olea Medical as he explains how this new image processing tool can be translated to clinical use after GLINT:

Posted on Monday 16 December 2019