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Name Date Link
GLINT Folder 2018-02-25 GLINT Folder.pdf
GLINT Report Summary (1st Reporting Period) 2018-01-24
ECR Today 2017 (EN) 2017-03-03 ECR Today 2017.pdf
DOTmed article (EN) 2016-06-20
MedImaging article (EN) 2016-06-13
ITN Online article (EN) 2016-06-01
AuntMinnieEurope article (EN) 2016-05-25
Healthmanagement article (EN) 2016-05-25
Press Release (EN) 2016-05-24 GLINT Press Release.pdf
Im Fokus Onkologie 5/2016 (DE) 2016-05-01
Management Krankenhaus article (DE) 2016-04-19
ECR Today article (EN) 2016-03-02 ECR Today 2016.pdf
Project Logo 2016-03-01 GLINT Logo.jpg
Project Fact Sheet 2016-03-01 GLINT Fact Sheet.pdf
Mensch&Krebs article (DE) 2016-02-26
Press Release Max Planck Institute (DE) 2016-02-24
Der Standard article (DE) 2016-02-24


Below you can find a list of scientific publications related to the GLINT Project which will be updated as the project progresses.

Name Date File
Chemical exchange saturation transfer MRI contrast in the human brain at 9.4 T (NeuroImage) 2018-10-01
CEST imaging at 9.4 T using adjusted adiabatic spin‐lock pulses for on‐ and off‐resonant T1⍴‐dominated Z‐spectrum acquisition (Magnetic Resonance in Medicine) 2018-09-08
Generation of multiparametric MRI maps by using Gd-labelled- RBCs reveals phenotypes and stages of murine prostate cancer (Scientific Reports) 2018-07-18
Flip-angle based ratiometric approach for pulsed CEST-MRI pH imaging (Journal of Magnetic Resonance) 2018-02-01
Snapshot-CEST: Optimizing spiral-centric-reordered gradient echo acquisition for fast and robust 3D CEST MRI at 9.4 T (NMR in Biomedicine) 2018-01-26
QUESP and QUEST revisited – fast and accurate quantitative CEST experiments (Magnetic Resonance in Medicine) 2017-07-07
In vivo evaluation of tumour acidosis for assessing the early metabolic response and onset of resistance to dichloroacetate by using magnetic resonance pH imaging (International Journal of Oncology) 2017-06-07
CEST MRI of 3-O-methyl-D-glucose on different breast cancer models (Magnetic Resonance in Medicine) 2017-05-12