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Name Date Link
GLINT Folder 2018-02-25 GLINT Folder.pdf
GLINT Report Summary (1st Reporting Period) 2018-01-24
ECR Today 2017 (EN) 2017-03-03 ECR Today 2017.pdf
DOTmed article (EN) 2016-06-20
MedImaging article (EN) 2016-06-13
ITN Online article (EN) 2016-06-01
AuntMinnieEurope article (EN) 2016-05-25
Healthmanagement article (EN) 2016-05-25
Press Release (EN) 2016-05-24 GLINT Press Release.pdf
Im Fokus Onkologie 5/2016 (DE) 2016-05-01
Management Krankenhaus article (DE) 2016-04-19
ECR Today article (EN) 2016-03-02 ECR Today 2016.pdf
Project Logo 2016-03-01 GLINT Logo.jpg
Project Fact Sheet 2016-03-01 GLINT Fact Sheet.pdf
Mensch&Krebs article (DE) 2016-02-26
Press Release Max Planck Institute (DE) 2016-02-24
Der Standard article (DE) 2016-02-24


Below you can find a list of scientific publications related to the GLINT Project which will be updated as the project progresses.

Name Date File
Flip-angle based ratiometric approach for pulsed CEST-MRI pH imaging 2018-02-01
Snapshot-CEST: Optimizing spiral-centric-reordered gradient echo acquisition for fast and robust 3D CEST MRI at 9.4 T 2018-01-26
QUESP and QUEST revisited – fast and accurate quantitative CEST experiments (Magnetic Resonance in Medicine) 2017-07-07
In vivo evaluation of tumour acidosis for assessing the early metabolic response and onset of resistance to dichloroacetate by using magnetic resonance pH imaging (International Journal of Oncology) 2017-06-07
CEST MRI of 3-O-methyl-D-glucose on different breast cancer models (Magnetic Resonance in Medicine) 2017-05-12